Munitio Headphones

Pro.30 Kickstarter Launch

A large corporation acquired MUNITIO in 2010. And as the decisions, policy changes and inter-office memos flew in from the new regime, MUNITIO’s foundation began to crack and crumble. Resources and morale ran low as the effects of endless conference calls and ruthless re-structuring dropped critical blows. After nearly a year of sweating bullets and sleepless nights, the Founder reacquired MUNITIO. But with two solid headphones in the market, MUNITIO wasn’t on Kickstarter looking for proof of concept. The PRO.30 Kickstarter campaign aimed to pour everything we had into re-building the company--and Kickstarter's "all or nothing" approach made it the perfect place to make it happen. In Spring of 2015, Munitio raised more than $400,000 in 30 days to be the most successful headphone campaign on Kickstarter.